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Brazilian Tech Top Talents

Talents with a successful careers in pioneering companies in Brazil, ready to work for the best European technology hubs.

The best candidates do not apply.
They need to be founded

Community-Based Recruiting

A brazilian-spirited estonian digital recruitment agency on a mission to connect the top brazilian tech & digital talents ready to work remotely with the best and largest European companies.

How We Work

Your company can reach out the best naming we have in the country through 2 ways. They are:


Huntz accesses the database using an automated system to send search notifications to mapped talents. The best 5% of tech top talents are recommended.

Flat Fee (+ taxes)


We'll be manage screening, schedulling of interviews, negotiations and job offers if needed.

Full rate (1 salary + taxes)


3 months warranty with no additional fees.


50% of recruitment processes with Huntz Int. are completed in under 15 days

Retrato de equipe

Special Deals

Many Brazilian tech professionals would not hesitate to accept a proposal to work in a foreign company.


Research by GeekHunter, a brazilian technology recruitment startup, concluded that 64% of developers in the country would accept international proposals even if the job was face-to-face. The survey heard nearly 400 IT professionals, more than half of which (51.8%) are seniors, with six or more years of experience, and 44.2% are aged between 26 and 35 years.

Salary continues to be the main reason for 19.5% of Brazilians to seek an international job. But the opportunity to grow in the career (16%), technology applied by the company (12.9%) and organizational culture (12.8%) are also good reasons for changing jobs."

IT FORUM - Brazilian magazine specialized in IT news

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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São Paulo, Brazil

Tallin, Estonia

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